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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist in the development and implemen-tation of culturally appropriate and sustainable health and development programs. This we accomplish through an unwavering focus on stake-holder participation and use of the latest innovations and technology.


GDS is a client-centered organization, enhancing the capacity of local institutions and professionals, promoting local leadership and ownership, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of development programs that are designed by stakeholders.

Core Values


Our primary responsibility is to the target beneficiaries of development efforts. Before deciding to bid on a project, GDS management ask –

  • Does this activity have the clear potential to improve the

     lives of intended beneficiaries?

  • Do we have the technical competence to address the


  • Do we have situational knowledge that would allow us to

     work effectively and efficiently?

Only if we can answer all three of these questions in the affirmative do we move forward.


GDS technical staff are recognized authorities in their re-spective fields. They have the academic preparation, field experience, and ability to convey information that make them creative and credible agents of change.

The technical staff are supported by an experienced and responsive administrative support group that ensures responsible use of resources and frees the technical experts to focus on the task.


Size matters, in our case small size which keeps overheads low, thereby freeing a greater proportion of each budget to go directly to service clients.

Our administrative systems are designed – and tested – to minimize expenses. The savings, again, go directly to client services.

Despite our lean structure, GDS maintains representatives in Africa, Asia, and South America, and has country-contact personnel in 23 nations. Our team of experts has worked in development programs in over 60 countries.

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