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Supply chain management

Our team has been providing leadership in logistics/supply management since the 1970s. While other organizations were redesigning stock cards and reporting forms, GDS staff were uncovering the root causes of dysfunction in supply systems. Among the underlying reasons: the granting or withholding of supplies to reward loyalty/effort/etc. or to punish unwanted behaviors; the grudging acceptance of certain supplies (e.g., contraceptives) in return for obtaining others; the display – but not the dispensing or use – of supplies and equipment as markers of status; and supervisory disinterest. By understanding why the supply system was not responsive to program needs, it was possible to develop practical correctives.

GDS has recently conducted holistic assessments of supply/logistics systems in Mozambique (contraceptives and essential drugs), Afghanistan (EPI), Cameroon (nutrition), and Djibouti (EPI). Following the assessments in the last three, GDS supported the host programs in the development of costed action plans to improve performance.

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