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Organizational Capacity

Personnel Development

Financial Sustainability

Systems Strengthening

With collaborators in AID/W/Health and CDC, GDS staff scripted and coded one of the first computer-based training courses in primary care. Based on WHO's IMCI, the course allowed self-paced learning and constant feedback and reinforcement for trainees.

Compared to the conventional in-class approach, in field trials in Uganda and Kenya the computer-based course took less time to complete, cost thirty percent less per participant, and yielded identical outcomes on competency-based tests.

In Myanmar a workshop for 50 NGOs led to the development of credible and localized proposals for donor funding.

workshop in Afghanistan for inter-national and local organizations led to the preparation of a proposal to USAID on Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Nutrition.

An analysis of the donor landscape in Africa for assistance to manufacture of pharmaceutical products was conducted for a major quality assurance organization. 

In Bangladesh GDS helped NGOs estab-lish a common understanding among stakeholders of project objectives; modified the organizational structure; instituted partner management to improve effectiveness and efficiency; introduced a work planning and budgeting system to enable performance monitoring; initiated a process to digitize the monitoring and evaluation system; and revised job descriptions to improve staff utilization and increase team synergy.

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