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Research, Evaluation, and Dissemination

GDS staff have pioneered research methodologies and been in the forefront of developing effective dissemination tools and methods.

Research Methods

GDS staff adapted the Kelly Role Rep methodology to studies of patient satisfaction in Indonesia. The forced-choice, ranking format overcame the common response biases encountered in pat-sat research. The work provided some of the first credible information on patient priorities and perceptions  in developing-country health programs. The methodology is widely cited as a landmark in pat-sat research.

Our staff made significant advances in rapid assessments, refining the methodology. An example, in a large mass-media behavior-change campaign in Jordan, coverage, comprehension, and effectiveness assessments were completed within 24 hours after broadcast of public-service announcements. This real-time monitoring was important in that many of the PSAs presented controversial content.

Again in Jordan, staff made wide-spread use of mystery client/patient research to assess compliance with best clinical practices in pharmacies and Ob/Gyn practices.

GDS staff were also among the first implementers of computer-assisted data collection, critical-incident methods, and peer review by front-line HWs.

And of course our staff have conducted large-scale KAP surveys, biomedical/clinical trials, multi-method research projects, cost-effectiveness studies, qualitative/anthropological research, nation-wide surveillance, and service-quality assessments.


Our commitment to strengthening host-country institutions dictates that we adopt a supportive/facilitating role during dissemination. The benefits of ownership and implementation far exceed those that might be gained – polish, quality – were GDS to play a more prominent part. That noted, our team brings impressive and wide-ranging experience to the task, including production of award-winning PBS series, years in radio broadcasting, publication of well-reviewed books and articles, teaching at prestigious universities (MIT, LSE, JHU, Tufts) and for demanding audiences (Cabinet Ministers), and preparation of countless readable and informative reports.

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