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In a world marked by glaring disparities between an over-abundance of food in some households and cruel scarcity in others, attention has rightly focused on production and distribution. GDS staff have long participated in projects aiming to improve food security. As an example: a project in the 1970's to help farmers' cooperatives in Central America boost production, expand markets, and reduce loss through spoilage.

The hoped for consequences of improvements in production and distribution are parallel improvements in nutritional status, where, again, GDS staff have played a prominent role. (See Evaluation of UNICEF/Cameroon Nutrition Project for an example of recent work.)

Going beyond abundance and access, our long-running interest in healthcare quality is echoed in our involvement in the qual-ity/safety of the food consumers eat. Consequently, GDS has been pleased to work with FES (Food Enterprise Solutions) in their projects to improve food safety in Senegal, Nepal, and Ethiopia . (See Assessment of FES Food Safety Projects.)

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